EACA’s Adopt-a-Street Program Relaunches as Keep Atlanta Beautiful Commission's Adopt-a-Spot

In an effort to breathe new life into EACA’s former Adopt-a-Street program, the Association is proud to welcome our new partner, the Keep Atlanta Beautiful Commission (KABC) who will assist in managing this program moving forward. KABC focuses on litter prevention, recycling, and beautifying communities.  We hope to use this opportunity to introduce to some and re-introduce to others the Adopt-a-Spot program.  This program is an opportunity for individuals, groups, and organizations to help keep public spaces clean.  The Department of Public Works and Keep Atlanta Beautiful Commission supports neighborhood cleanups and Adopt-a-Spot groups in the following ways:

  • Litter grabbers
  • Safety vests
  • Trash bags and gloves
  • Graffiti remover
  • City Council recognition
  • Adopt-a-Spot sign in your name
  • Annual recognition

If you are interested in potentially adopting an area, public right of ways open for adoption include traffic islands, Marta bus stops, sidewalks and streets.  Following are the steps involved in the adoption process:

  1. Complete application via email, phone, or in person

  2. Safety inspection of location by Public Safety (up to 3 weeks)

  3. Upon approval, safety walk-through conducted at site by Public Safety & KABC Staff

  4. Cleanups commence quarterly, monthly, weekly, or as needed through reporting form – Supplies from KABC

  5. Sign installation occurs after 2 reported cleanups – COA Sign Dept., Up to 52 business days

Department of Public Works has record of the following areas in our community.  If you would like to re-adopt these areas, or any other spot, please follow the process above.  

  1. Brownwood Ave (Glenwood Ave to Ormewood Ave SE)

  2. Braeburn Ave (Clifton Rd to East Side Ave)

  3. Ormewood Ave (Flat shoals Ave to Moreland Ave)

  4. Clifton St (Glenwood Ave to I-20)

  5. Flat Shoals Rd. (Clifton Rd to Fayetteville Rd)

  6. Flat Shoals Ave (McPherson Ave to Glenwood Ave)

  7. Stokeswood Ave (Flat shoals Ave to Ormewood Ave)

  8. Flat Shoals Rd (Bouldercrest Dr to Clifton Rd)

  9. Glenwood Ave (I-20 to East Side Ave)

  10. Flat Shoals Ave (Newton Ave to Ormewood Ave)

  11. Flat Shoals Ave (Glenwood Ave to Newton Ave)

  12. Flat Shoals Ave (Ormewood Ave to Bouldercrest Dr)

  13. Joseph Ave (Glenwood Ave to Portland Ave)

  14. Gresham Ave (Glenwood Ave to Ormewood Ave

  15. Haas Ave

  16. Newton Ave (Clifton to Maynard Terrace)*

  17. Glenwood Ave SE (Moreland to Flat Shoals)*

*two currently active groups

Any existing inactive group will have until the close of business on May 29th to resubmit.  After that time all inactive locations will be open.  

For any questions please contact…

  • Moses O. Tejuoso, Community Affairs Coordinator
  • Keep Atlanta Beautiful Commission | Department of Public Works
  • Office 404.865.8743 | Email: [email protected]   


Thank you,

Lewis Cartee

President, East Atlanta Community Association