East Atlanta Craft Beer Fest is fast approaching!

East Atlanta Craft Beer Fest, Beer Bear, EACA

Did you know that our favorite beer fest was started as event to raise funds for local East Atlanta non-profit organizations? That it is 100% run by volunteers? It was already the best beer fest in town with the great park atmosphere, but now there is no contest.

Just because the pre-sales tickets are gone doesn't mean you can't still get in. Still available are:

  • Full access to the event (1-5 pm) and a souvenir glass -- $50
  • VIP access to the event (12-5 pm), limited edition beer and beer cocktails in the VIP tent, and a souvenir glass - $75

That is just $25 for an extra hour of drinking and the very best beer selection. The choice sounds obvious to us.

Is your wallet a little empty? If so, consider volunteering! Remember, this is the same event that is 100% run by volunteers and they get free entry. :)

EACA will have a booth, so come by and say hi! See you there.